Abbasid Caliphate: 1st Period

Gold Dinar


In field: la ilah illa/Allah wahda/la sharik lahu “no deity other than the One God, He has no associate”

Around anticlockwise from 2:00: Muhammad rasul Allah arsalahu bi’l-huda wa din al-haqq li-yuzhirahu ‘ala al-din kullihi “Muhammad is the messenger of God, who sent him with guidance and the religion of truth that he might make it supreme over all other religions” – Surah IX (al-Tauba) v. 33 (in part)


In field: mimma amara bihi/ ‘Abd Allah Harun/amir al-mu’minin “among the things ordered by the servant of God, Harun Commander of the Faithful”

Around anticlockwise from 2:00: bism Allah duriba hadha’l-dinar fi sana saba’in wa mi’a “in the name of God this dinar was struck in the year seventy and one hundred”

This is the first time that a gold dinar inscribed the caliphal protocol ‘Abd Allah… amir al-mu’minin, (“Servant of God… Commander of the Faithful”)’, which was the primary title of both the Umayyad and the Abbasid caliphs. Harun (the Arabic for Aaron) was the Caliph’s proper name, ism. His earliest caliphal title (laqab) was al-Mardi, but the one by which he is best known is al-Rashid. It is not known where this gold coinage was struck, as dinars did not yet bear mint names in their marginal legends. Presumably the gold mint was attached to the caliph’s court so that dinars could be issued wherever he was in residence. Coins of this type, naming Harun, were minted in the years 170 and 171 H. This very rare coin lacks the usual reverse legend Muhammad rasul Allah (“Muhammad is the messenger of God”) which is found on other dinars of this type dated 170 and 171.

Abbasid Caliphate: 1st Period

RulerAbu-Ja’far Harun al-Rashid bin al-Mahdi
Date170H / 786-787CE