Abbasid Caliphate: 2nd Period

Silver Donative Dirham


In field within linear circle: lillah/al-Muqtadir/billah “for God, al-Muqtadir billah”

In margin anticlockwise from 12:00: la ilah illa Allah Muhammad rasul Allah “no deity other than God, Muhammad is the messenger of God”


In field within linear circle: amir/al-mu’/minin “commander of the faithful”

In margin anticlockwise from 12:00: bism Allah duriba sana thalath ‘ashr wa thalath mi’a “in the name of God the year thirteen and three hundred”

This is a conventional type of donative coinage which was issued without a mint name but always specifying the year in which it was struck. It is a type that appears to have been issued concurrently with the other styles of donatives, but the brevity of its legends would have made it more suitably adapted to smaller size flans, some, indeed, tiny. These coins, which were struck in both gold and silver, were probably true largesse pieces, intended to be scattered at harem festivities, court ceremonies, particularly weddings and circumcisions, or tossed as gifts to the public on special occasions.

Abbasid Caliphate: 2nd Period

TypeDonative Dirham
RulerAbu’l-Fadl Ja‘far al-Muqtadir billah
Date313H / 925-926CE