Abbasid Caliphate: 2nd Period

Special Gold Donative Dinar


In field: a W-shaped ornament above which al-Muqtadir billah

In margin anticlockwise from 12:00: la ilah illa Allah al-malik al-haqq “no deity other than God, the true king”


In field: a W-shaped ornament above which lillah Ja’far

In margin anticlockwise from 12:00: Muhammad rasul Allah salla Allah ‘alayhi “Muhammad is the messenger of God, God’s blessings be upon him”

This is the third, and rarest, type of donative coin. The artistic design found in both obverse and reverse fields may have been inspired by a once meaningful stucco pattern that decorated the walls of the caliph’s palaces, and particularly his harem. The fact that the caliph inscribed his given name, ism –Ja’far, in the field legend would indicate that these coins were was most likely intended for distribution as gifts to his close family members and to ladies of the harem. Their recipients, who would probably have had little opportunity to spend them, would be expected to cherish them as marks of caliphal favour, guard them as personal ornaments and keep them as useful savings.

Abbasid Caliphate: 2nd Period

TypeDonative Dinar
RulerAbu’l-Fadl Ja‘far al-Muqtadir billah
MintMadinat al-Salam