Injuyid of Fars & southern Jibal in Iran

Gold Dinar


In central linear square: la ilah illa Allah/Muhammad/rasul Allah “no deity other than God, Muhammad is the messenger of God” clockwise from 12:00 names of the Four Orthodox Caliphs Abu Bakr, at 3:00 ‘Umar, at 6:00 ‘Uthman, at 9:00 ‘Ali


In field within linear circle: darb/al-Mutawakkil ‘ala-Allah/Abu Ishaq Mahmud Shah/Isfahan “struck, he who puts his trust in God, Abu Ishaq Mahmud Shah, Isfahan”

In margin: fi shuhur sana khamsin wa saba‘ mi’a “in the months of the year fifty and seven hundred”

The title of this dynasty derives from the position held by its founder, Sharaf al-din Mahmud Shah. He was overseer of the Ilkhans’ royal estates in Fars, which were known in Mongolian as inju. The dynasty lasted for only seventeen years before being swept away by the Muzaffarids in 757 H/1356 CE. Abu Ishaq initially became ruler of Shiraz and all of Fars, and subsequently tried to extend his control over Yazd and Kirman, but came into conflict with the Muzaffarids who drove him away. He made his way to Isfahan, but was taken prisoner by the Muzaffarid leader Mubariz al-din, who had him executed. This dinar is the only gold issue known for the short-lived Injuyids. Abu Ishaq inscribed his own name on his coins, but without any regal title. He did, however, employ an old caliphal title, al-Mutawakkil ‘ala-Allah, “He who puts his trust in God”, as his laqab.

Injuyid of Fars & southern Jibal in Iran

RulerAbu Ishaq bin Mahmud
Date750 H (1349-1350 CE)