Durrani of Afghanistan & India

Gold Muhur


Couplet unread by Whitehouse, except for the words Sultan Qaysar


Darb Dar al-Saltinat Kabul sanat ahad

Qaysar Shah, who was the son of Shah Zaman and an unknown mother, was yet another failed claimant to the throne of Afghanistan. He had two very brief periods of rule, the first in Qandahar in
1218 H/1803 CE where he struck a gold muhur with the mint name Ashraf al-Bilad Ahmadshahi, and the second in Kabul and Kashmir in 1222-1223 H/1807-1809 CE. Virtually nothing is known of him, and he is remembered only by the two gold muhurs and one silver rupi, by which he established his name in the coinage records of Afghanistan.

Durrani of Afghanistan & India

RulerQaysar Shah bin Shah Zaman
MintDar al-Saltinat Kabul (Abode of the Sultanate Kabul)
Date(1222 H/1807-1808 CE) regnal year ahad (one)