Sultanate of Madura

Gold Tanka


al-sultan al-‘azam/nasir al-dunya wa’l-din/abu’l-muzaffar Mahmud ghazi/Damghan Shah/al-Sultan “the supreme sultan, defender of the world and the faith, father of victory Mahmud, warrior of Islam, Damghan Shah the sultan”


In field within linear circle: warith-i/mulk-i Sulayman/nasir amir/al-mu’minin “heir to the kingdom of Solomon, helper of the commander of the faithful”

In margin anticlockwise from 12:00: duriba hadha’l-sikka Dar al-Mulk Ma’bar sana khams wa arba’in wa saba’ mi’a “this coin was struck Dar al-Mulk Ma’bar year five and forty and seven hundred”

This very rare gold coin was struck by Mahmud Damghan Shah, the Sultan of Madura, which was then the southernmost possession of the Muslims in India. The dynasty, which began in 734 H/1334 CE, only lasted until 779 H/1378 CE. During this thirty-five year period there were eight rulers, of whom Mahmud Damghan Shah was the fifth. Five of these sultans are known to have struck gold tankas, all of which are very rarely found. Little is known about Mahmud Damghan who ruled for only three years. He was the nephew of the preceding shah, Muhammad Damghan, and he gave himself the fanciful title “heir to the Kingdom of Solomon” on this coin, a title that is unique in the annals of Islamic numismatics.

Sultanate of Madura

RulerNasir al-din Mahmud Damghan Shah
MintHadrat Dar al-Mulk Ma’bar (presumably the city of Madura)
Date745 H (1344-1345 CE)